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Testimonials about Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash
by Actual Customers

"Mommy got scent a Baby Powder flavor… Oh my word, she squirted onto my coat ( it’s a pump spray not aerosol) and massaged it in. I was in Heaven.

What Mommy thought about the product:

It was amazing, Mollie enjoyed the massage and she smelt good enough to eat after. It conditions and De-tangles furs leaving your pets coat, super soft without being sticky. It has a special scratch and smell formula. When I cuddled Mollie in the morning, it reactivated the smell. I took her down the beach for a run, she always comes back smelling of crabs, I used the Magnifiscent on her and the nasty smell was gone.. If you have a smelly dog or not you will love this product. I used it on Alfie too , as he is so fluffy it made brushing him so much easier. Magnifiscent is made in the US by a family owned business. What I was surprised at, it is so affordable $12.99 for a large 8fl.oz bottle. Read more here

...but after being out in the heat and humidity of central Florida, let’s just say he smelled less than fresh when he walked through the door. A few good spritzes of Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash and the difference was astonishing! It left him smelling wonderful without being over-powering or cloying like ‘sweet’ smells sometimes do. AND the scent still had presence as we all went to bed that night. I love this stuff! read more

Review and Giveaway from Doggies and Stuff!

I love it when my girls first get a bath. Their coat is nice and shiny and they smell wonderful. However, we all know that the clean scent fades quickly, so having a nice spritz/splash for in-between baths is a must.

Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash is an innovative product that reactivates the scent when you rub your dog’s coat, similar to scratch & sniff products. I was skeptical until I tried it and now I am hooked.
read more here!

"One product I really like is Magnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash. They offer so many choices in scents and of course, the product is totally safe for your pets. It's non-toxic, alcohol and paraben free. I won't tell you all the scents as they are so many, but please check out their website and see what they have to offer." - Read the full review

two collies and a mutt

"It works. And it really does smell like cotton candy. I crave it every time I spray it.

I sprayed some on Petal's back, chest, each side, and back end and rubbed it in. Probably didn't need that much, I went a little crazy with it. But it made her smell wonderful and it lasted for several days, nearly a week, even after being rolled through the dirt by Penny. Several times. And it really does work like a scratch and sniff! One day my sister buried her face in Petal's hair and claimed she couldn't smell the cotton candy. I told her to try petting her a little first. She looked at me like I was insane. "What is she, a scratch and sniff?"

I smirked, we were about to find out, "Just try it!" She did and her eyes were rather wide when it actually worked. The more you pet Petal the more she smells like cotton candy. Love. It.
Read the full review here

I ADORE your splashes! My husband thinks I have bathed my dogs after I only use your splash! I have the cotton candy scent and the magnolia scent. They smell WONDERFUL! I will definitely buy more when I run out! Plus, I want to try more of your wonderful scents! I also love that it is non-toxic, alcohol and paraben free that conditions my dogs skin and coats! Thank you for such a wonderful product!
Trish B


Scooter’s been very into getting his hair done lately, and being on the up and up of the latest doggie fashion. He says you can call him Rico Suave ;D

Understandably, he was super excited to find out that we were going to be trying a new grooming ‘finishing spray’ because that sounded like just the thing he needed to tide him over between grooming sessions. Maqnifiscent Finishing Spray is a family owned and operated company. Their products are made of water, glycerin, and coconut oil. They are non-toxic, as well as alcohol and paraben free. It’s nice to feel good about what you’re spraying on your pets!

The custom formula is intended to remove bad odors and replace them with a subtle fragrance of your choice. The fine folks from Maqnifiscent Grooming Sprays sent us a bottle of cotton candy scented finishing spray, which I absolutely love!! LOVE x10. Hubby is a huge fan too. It really is a subtle scent, not overpowering like a lot of other dog sprays or colognes we’ve used. And if cotton candy’s not your thing, there are plenty of other dreamy scent options including: chocolate, pina colada, and raspberry bubble gum. You can even order custom scents!

And the scent lasts on their fur for days too! WAY better than any other brand of spritz we’ve tried (annnnd we’ve tried a lot). Most stuff peters out after a few hours. This stuff also truly does leave their coats feeling soft and looking shiny. I notice the softness most with Scooter’s fur, and the super sheen with Bear’s black coat.

I plan to take the bottle with me to the next Petco Adoption Event. I’m thinking the cotton candy allure may be all to much for people if we spritz a few shelter dogs down.

You can follow them on twitter (@maqnifigroom), and like them on facebook too. They host a weekly Maqnifiscent Monday contest on their facebook page that you’d have fun participating in, so be sure to check it out!

Please note: I was not paid to write this post. This finishing spray was sent over at no cost to me for an honest review. For more details please see my disclosure policy.

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I love your splash! My husband thinks I have bathed the dogs when I use it!
Trish Anna

Hi Duane!
Things are going great! I have completed my trial and I am VERY impressed with Magnifiscent grooming and finishing spray~ I found it to last very strongly for 5 days on avg, then, reactivated by touch for about another week. I only sprayed 4-5 pumps of the product, oversaturating the coat was not necessary. As a scissor spray, I found it to work comparable to many leading finishing sprays that give that slip through the coat when we groomers are combing back over and over again. I recommend this product to all my grooming friends around the world !
Kim West NCMG 2x Groom Team USA Member 1999/2000

Hi Melissa, I love the spray! Smells great, and lasts!

Jodi Moreland

Product works well and smells great!  
Claudio Da Rosa

I love your product! My fluffy friend smells good and he is so soft and I get so many compliments! I tell them its all thanks to you! I think the next scent I choose will be cotton candy, the sample card you sent smelled device, thank you again!

Ranissa Thompson

Hi!  I have used mine (the summery pina colada one) - have not tried the other one yet and think it smells really good.  The scent doesn't seem as strong as one I had tried from an etsy seller (who was making them herself). But, perhaps I am not using enough.  I only use the spray on my furkids after a bath so after their next bath I will try using more - maybe I just didn't spray enough of it...or if you have a suggestion of something I may be doing wrong, please let me know!! Kerri hasn't tried hers yet but I will let you know after I get a report from her! THANKS!!

I love it!  I have two scents now, my favorite is the bubblegum (raspberry I think?)  It last a long long time and I love how shiny their coats are.  Thank you!
Donna Gonder

A Pawfect Dog

We received our sample of Cotton Candy spray yesterday and love it! Love the 'scratch & smell' concept and at first wondered if the concept could work. But we must say that it does. Rubbed the dog's backs this morning and the cotton candy aroma came out again! Titan is happy after having one of our treats then is sitting proud because he smells good!

We love your splash and it makes the dogs smell great.  We use the spray intermittently so we still have some left and aren't in need of any at this time.  But we'll keep you in mind and we check your facebook page from time to time too.  Thanks! Have a pawsitively great day!
Valerie, Destiny, Chance & Titan

Dina Dog Blog

"I think it is barktastic that they put some of the money to an animal shelter but I also think it is very considerate to have an opt-out option for those who do not wish to use that opportunity (although I don't know who would say no)." Read the full review here


Aussie Blogger, Some Thoughts About Dogs!

"A little goes a long way! One squirt and your dog is covered for a long time. There is no obvious residue on the dog’s coat. The only evidence that the product is on the dog is the smell! I have added the scent spray to my grooming box to use in emergencies that like the story I conveyed at the start of this post. I would definitely continue to use this spray and recommend it to others."
read the full review here!"I smell Maqnifiscent!" I do not smell like wet dog or dead worm!  I smell like cranberries!  yum!! Yes, I know you saw me rolling on a worm yesterday, but Mom erased my worm pawfume. 

No, I did not need a bath. Whew!  BOL!! Mom misted me with this pawsome new grooming splash.  Mine is cranberry scented.  You can custom order any scent you like!  I hear the chocolate one smells delish!   That would be a pawsome Valentine's present for your humans, to have a dog that smells like chocolate!

Does your human remember scratch & sniff stickers from when they were younger? The Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash has the same ability! The scent refreshes itself when your human pets or scratches you!  Maqnifiscent isn't overpowering, it has a light, refreshing scent.   The scratch & sniff quality means that humans get a pleasant whiff of fragrance instead of a nose full dead worm or wet dog when they pet you.

Maqnifiscent eliminates odors, conditions, and helps detangle your coat.  It is pawfect for between bath touch ups!  High Paw for anything that means fewer baths!  I think most dogs will agree with me about that.  BOL!!  This gentle mist isn't sticky, and my coat feels furrific.  The bottle says for best results use on short hair, but it works great on me.  I am not short haired by any stretch of the imagination.  BOL!  Maybe the part about short hair means it lasts longer on short fur.  It lasts about a week on me.  When I start to have an odor, like when I find a worm to roll on, Mom just sprays me again.  What scent would your humans choose for you? 

It was very kind of you to send me a generous sample of the dark chocolate scented Splash. Although the label states for best results use on short hair, I very much liked the results of splash on my long-haired Yorkie girls. Their hair was smooth and tidy and smelled great! As it's an all-in-one spray that functions as a deodorizer and grooming product, it would be practical to bring with us on photo shoots or fashion shows for touch ups, as my Yorkie girls need to look (and smell) their best! I have the opportunity to sample a lot of products received in swag bags or at product trade shows, and I think this product is unique and deserves big success for you. Thank you again. I look forward to using this choc scent and shall keep in mind to order one of your many other scents in the future.
Best, Grace and Yorkie girls, Portia and Rosie

Hi there!

I do love your product so much, but my little dog Bean asked me to send this to you. (from Bean) : help, help, help! momma sprayed me with your cotton candy scent (its her favorite) & now everyone says they wanna just eat me up cuz i smell yummy! they pick me up & pet me & i like that lots, but are they gonna nom on me? mom says no, humans are just saying i smell delicious. (humans can be weird)

Well Melissa I have to tell you I was a bit skeptical when I received my bottle of Cotton Candy.  I said to my self this stuff is not going to work on Nilajean, my 79lb Lab Service Dog. I misted her all over (yes, mist not spray - another reason I thought This stuff is not going to work. As I mentioned when we spoke I'm a Disabled Vet and was spending about $20 a week on Axe body spray. We spend a lot of time outside and trust me she gets pretty stinky. $20 a week is an awful lot of money for me.

Well I applied it before our evening walk and was about to apply it again when we returned as I would with Axe but to my surprise she didn't need it. In fact she didn't need it for about 4 days. I've learned the more I brush her the better she smells this is a God send for us. Thank You, Can't wait to try Pina Colada. This stuff even makes the house smell good. As we walk and the wind blows towards us I can smell that wonderful sweet soft smell. I love it. Scratch and smell ....... wow

Just got my mint & marshmallow @Maqnifigroom.

I love them, ❤ you guys SoOO much!!!




"love love love love these !!!!!!!!!! & you all"



Hi there! My name is Toni and i've ordered your banana scent & cotton candy scent. Banana is nice & cotton candy is wonderful! Cotton candy smells so yummy and a couple of spritzes lasts a long time and makes my little dog Bean smell sooo good!

I wanted to inquire about custom ordering. I thought since Bean is a fluffy white dog that marshmallow would suit her. I previously tried a grooming spray (before I knew about you guys) that was marshmallow scented (I forget the brand- maybe Fresh & Clean or something) and it smelled kinda marshmallowey, but kinda like a burnt smell. Im looking for a sweeter smell. What do you think? Thank you so much for your great product! Ive mentioned you to Beans groomer & to clients at my job. (I work at an animal hospital).

Bree Breezy Hernandez Imma bout to reup on sum....love it..nd it work wonderful on my ferret

Amazing product. Got a sample of the rose. clients love it. want something unisex and was thinking cotton candy
Jennifer Lewis Parker

Love these scents they last longer than the rest it seems !!!
Julie McGee

You know how Most peoples cologne kicks u in head when u r on airplane... use Maqnifiscent and smell like cookies!!! everyone likes cookies i got mint, cappacino, sugar cookies,cotton candy and pear..
Anita Niki Richardson Maas

Just got my samples and i love them. Will be placing order later this week.
Lisa K, PEI Groomer

I received your sample the other day. Absolutely loved it! Smelled great and such a brilliant idea!! I love that when you pet them or they roll on the floor the scent re-introduces itself. Just love it! Great idea!  Will definitely be looking at some of your scents on your website and placing an order.

Check out our Review by Ottawa Dog Blog!

Maqnifiscent Grooming is a family owned business that started after spending tons of money and time trying to find a scented spray that would make their pets smell better. They decided to make their own, and the “Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing Splash” was created.

They offer over 200 custom scents such as dark chocolate, birthday cake, rose, lilac, sea breeze, chocolate chip cookie and so many more! All scents are alcohol free and non-toxic, designed to eliminate odours and condition your pet’s coat between baths. It is long lasting and reactivates when you pet your dog.

Maqnifiscent Grooming sent me a sample bottle of Dark Chocolate spray to try out. It did everything as advertised. The scent was delicious smelling, but still managed to be subtle.
I often find that scented dog shampoos and sprays end up being way too strong, but
this spray was just right.
  Ottawa Dog Blog

"Love this! Nothing better than coming home to dogs!!"
Sugar Plum Cottage

"Love the baby powder, cotton candy and the lilac scents! The last a long time and
smell wonderful!"
Thank you, Joanne Polyak

We got the stuff in the mail today. LOOOOVE the Banana spray!
Thank you, Cj the Pitty-Cattle-Dog mix

"Thank You very very much, for this awesome product, Magnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash. My doggie Lei Lei don't mind my spraying her with the Cotton Candy spray,it smell wonderful it don't smell like the other doggie products. The other pet sprays I used smell like,when your dog go to the vet. The smell is to sting and then it don't last,
all I can say is thank you and thank you..."
Carolyn Menard

Now what scent should I try....
 I like the cotton candy .. mom likes the pear :P heeeee...
now just to keep the kitties at bay :P"
Thank You, Paco's Hope


"I’m not usually a big fan of most grooming sprays. Too perfumey for me, but when I got a sample of your chocolate scent, I couldn’t wait to try more. I got cotton candy & banana. They both smell heavenly! I was expecting a tiny little bottle at your price, but the 8 oz bottles will last a very long time! I can’t wait to try more. My little girl Bean smells great! See how happy she is to smell so yummy! Thank you & I’ll look forward to ordering from you again. (I may even mention you to Bean’s groomer)"
Thank You, Toni O'Brien


"I would like to talk to the complaint department please. My mama told me that someone from your company sent her a product to do the unthinkable to me! I just wanted to voice my opinion on this and I is not happy! She wanted me to tell you that I smell fabulous and yummy and she wants to kiss me and snuggle me cause I'm so soft! And look even my sister had to have a sniff! I smell like Cotton Candy :)"

Thank You, Willow


"I received my finishing splash yesterday...It sure smells good around here! "
Thank you, Bev Bryant

"just reordering some more of your wonderful sprays I just love them and so don't
my customers I'm so glad I met you"
Thank you, Roxanne

"I gave my cotton candy sample to my little sister to use on her horse. She sprayed it
on his tail during a show and she said people said that he smelt good."
Thank you, Popi's Fan Club

"Well I know with my llasa apso (Callie), I rescued her right after she had a litter of pups and got diagnosed with a skin disorder (she excretes a yeast) threw her skin. I have to keep her clipped down and give her a both once a week to control the itching and smell. The management at Maqnifiscent Grooming sent me a couple sample bottles and tried them immediately. Callie has never smelled better and it lasts. fewer washings and at least when she scratches she releases the wonderful smell over and over. It has been wonderful. Thank you again guys and gals at Maqnifiscent Grooming & Finishing splash. we love it.!!!"
Thank you, Kelly Towle-Magness

"I just received my Blueberry sample that I won the other day. I love the smell of it and so do my 4 dogs. Thank you again for having the contest and for the free sample."
Thank you, Deb Maggio

"Something For Nothing ... When you're on the road, playing in the great outdoors, keeping your dogs smelling nice is a challenge. Combine that with RV living and you can see how two stinky pooches might be problematic. That's why we love Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Spray! With fun flavors like Cotton Candy, Lilac, and Dark Chocolate, Buster and Ty are smelling good enough to eat! And, because it's a scratch and sniff product, you're rewarded every time you pet your pet. To top things off, it's made in the USA and is safe for dogs and cats of any age."
Thank you, GoPetFriendly.com

"My first scent was cappacinio. Although I love the smell of coffee my little Abby doesn't. But I have found out when I do use it I no longer have to use her medicine for dry skin. She's a long hair mini dachshund and her skin gets dry real easy. When I use the spray it keeps it moisturized and not oily. We go somewhere all I have to do is brush her hair and the smell comes right back just as strong as it was when I sprayed her. I tell all my family who between us all we have (19 dachshunds, chiwawas?, border collies, lab and pomeranians). So yes it works in our family. I'm now telling friends about your products because
that's how much I believe in it. I will continue to use this product."
Thank you, Gigi DuBose Bock

"oh i forgot to tell u i tried the sample of cotton candy on popi he smells so much better lol but we are running low so me need to win another bottle lol"
Thank you, Nick Guginsky

"I just received my sample spray. And its Lilac! My favorite!! A little bit of summer in December. Thank you so much! I just love your sprays! They smell so true to the fragrance and last such a long time. With four dogs running around, I love the way the house smells after the dogs have been "refreshed" with your sprays!"
Thanks again, Sondra

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know about this new product I am using on my six dogs. It is a scented scratch and sniff spray and it really works. It is especially good when the dogs are coming inside after it rains. It gets rid of that wet dog smell. Yuck!!!! A few sprays and bingo the smell is replaced by whatever scent you have. It lasts for a few days and is reactivated whenever you or your pet rubs him or herself. It is the newest thing on the market and it is an awesome product. Thanks for letting me share with you."
Jolene Conlin, Destrehan, LA

"Received our Magnifiscent order! LOVE IT! We will be ordering more scents soon. So is it 2 bottle minimum on all scents or just personalized. We can't wait to start our collection growing."
Kindly, Tania (Bath Brush and Beyond Pet Spa)

"I started a new business in the Groton Ct. Area and one day i was online checking out dog grooming sprays, when I came across Magnificent Grooming Sprays. I asked if I could have a sample which they gladly did for me. I used the sprays in my grooming shop and everyone, including myself loved the sprays! They make your pet smell so good for so long and they also condition the skin and fur so the dogs I’m grooming go home looking so shinny and smell so great and so soft that's what all my clients are telling me. I also used the sprays on my own dogs and it was so true they look and smell so great and so soft. Thank you so much Melissa from Magnificent Grooming Sprays."
Roxie Ramos (Pawtastic Touch)

"yes i loved the strawberry, it smelled so good you want to taste it ....so i did...but did not taste too good:]... will try more in the future"
Thank you, Michelle (Crazy4Dogs Mobile Pet Grooming)

"OMG!!!! My neighbor tried to buy it from me for $10!!! LOL it smells great and works like it says LOL... we all had turns rubbing all the pups that good sprayed :) So we definitely loved it and I will be buying some as soon as I get my check from work!!! I definitely would love to try that chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmm yummy puppies!"
Joanna Cristancho -- CEO / Founder -- Top Paw Rescue Inc. (Apr 2009)

"I just wanted to let yall know how much I love the Maqnifiscent Grooming products they work like a charm... I have to admit at first I was reluctant to try it but then I did and I am impressed, I walk my Pit everyday and because of that she smells, even the day after we bathe her she starts smelling again because of the exercise... well when I used your product last week she was smelling good all week every time we would pet her or she would scratch herself I could smell it and it was quite a refreshing change from the regular dog smell." 
Thanks again , Elizabeth Doty

"I sprayed the dogs and later they went out in the rain. They came back in smelling SO fresh!! The fresh scent exceeded any expectations I may have had. Bye-bye doggy odor..... This spray is a Godsend for dog owners....I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!"
THANKS!!! Elizabeth Becker Manwaring Newton

"How are you? I must say I just love the spray you gave me and I put it on my dog last Thursday and he still smells great. I will be placing an order with you. I do have to get back to you about what I want, give me a week or so to get settled I'm just getting into my place this weekend for the business so we will be pretty busy setting up and getting situated but I will be getting back to you soon. Thank you so much and I look
forward to doing business with you again."
Thank you, Roxie

"I also tried this product and it truly is MAQNIFISCENT!!! I had ordered the Pina Colada Scented one and the smell was long lasting and refreshing. Not to strong, but the best part was that it lasted for days. My dogs went outside in the morning, got rained on, and then when they came inside and shook dry, the house was renewed with thePina Colada scent from the dogs. So Much Better than WET DOG!!! I recommend this to everyone, you have to try this stuff!"
Thank you so much - Poetwolf20 - Slidell, LA

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